Golden Wedding



This design is actually quite complex and takes a fair while to do. This design is what is called trellis work, the 3 top corners are piped in this design which basically means it is piped in a straight thin line one way and then piped again in the opposite forming a trellis work. 


The top is brushed with Gold petal dust which gives it a gold sparkle ( which unfortunately you cannot capture on a photo ). Round all four sides are 2 swags with a lacy detail and hearts in the centre, then accented with gold. In the centre of each side is a cornice again done in lattice work complementing the trellis work on the top and yet again accented with gold. Also on the sides are piped 2 scrolls and again over piped in gold. This cake is set on a gold board to complement the design. To the top left is set a small posy of gold flowers and a ribbon with 50 upon it.