God Was There


It's calm and peaceful, and I feel great.

I always leave early, so I won't be late.

Chance is coming next week, my family is great.

Had a pre-cancerous spot frozen off today.


This is the peace I seek,

It's never too late.

Things get in the way,

But GOD was there.


A box, afraid to collide,

Go to the left, did I get my seatbelt properly hooked?

I needed help since the surgery with that.

So many thoughts inside.


Is this myself? Last time I looked!!

Oh, what despair! BUT, God was there!

Why am I going so fast? Why is it dark?

Is this my first chance or last.


Am I late, should I park?

But no worries, no cares,

God was there.

God makes no mistakes.


He followed me through,

He placed each thing in place.

The EMT who would save my life.

Like applying the brakes.


He whispers, I'll l take care of you!

I saw an angel, with a smiling face.

No worries, no strife

Never fear God was there!


I was reminded once again,

That God is the same, he never changes.

And of a long time friend, "Chance" who remains close.

Of family and loved ones, who love me dearly.


I never question why me, because I see clearly.

There is a need for me here.

I smile and try to bring cheer.

Thought it all,  what I know most.


Is I'm changed, yet still the same,

Thankful that nobody else was hurt and nobody to blame.

I feel safe and secure in God's care, and without a doubt.



Author : Ramona M. Crabtree

September 22nd 2004


Submitted by Ramona : After a car accident in August 2004. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always hun, God bless you.