Yet another themed cake. This is certainly not a typical christening cake, but as my grandson was 3 and his mum in her twenties, we decided to go wacky.

I designed it as Joshua (my grandson) being the baby dinosaur and the large dino being his mum Amanda. As they both were christened together.

Firstly cover the cake board with white sugarpaste, then using a wedge-wood blue lustre dust make swirl patters etc on the white, just to create the white clouds. Position the large sponge dinosaur cake to the right of the board, allowing for space to pipe. Pipe the outlines for all the dinosaurs markings, legs, arms etc in a black butter cream. Then proceed to pipe using a size 16 nozzle with butter cream, until all of the cake is decorated in it's vary colours. Use cut up dolly mixtures for the claws.

Next having made a separate small oval cake cover the top with white sugarpaste and pipe the wording required. Then pipe around the sides until covered. Finally pipe in the curved line for the speech bubble.

Next using edible glue, squish some marshmallows and place them as rocks across the bottom of the board, leaving a space for the baby dino's egg to be placed. Once completed brush the marshmallows with brown lustre dust, creating a muddy feel.

For the egg, warm a knife and gently slice away a zigzag line across the top third of the egg. Ensure to keep warming the knife in hot water, or the egg will crack, where you don't want it to. Put aside for a moment.

Next mix a small amount of sugarpaste to a pale green colour. Mould into shape of an oval body up to a slimmer neck and a dinosaur shaped head. Gently place this in position and secure onto the board using edible glue. Move the head into position looking towards mum. Take a tiny piece of white sugarpaste, roll into a ball and flatten slightly position for his eyes. Next pipe a black dot in the centre of each eye using the black butter cream. Take some fizzy cola strips cut to the desired length and using the edible glue secure at random to the chocolate egg. Lastly pipe in the birds in the sky and place ribbon around the edge of the board.

Voila one unusual christening cake.