Magenta In"Spire"


This Silver Wedding cake was made recently for myself. Its basic colours are White & various shades of Purple. It's made in 2 parts, the bottom 2 tiers are both fruit and stacked together, before being covered with sugar paste. Once iced secure ribbon around both cakes, then pipe green vines all over bottom tier adding flowers as you go along. I made 5 different colours of flowers for this cake, those being lilac, lavender, violet, lilac & lavender mix, & lavender & violet mix (i.e. 2 toned).

Next add the dowels, having been cut to length, before placing pillars on pipe with vines and flowers. Then place the pillars, finish them off by piping down the pillar and slightly onto the cake. The lovebirds on birdbath are secured in the centre, using royal ice.

Top tier is a square sponge, covered in white sugar paste, with painted arched windows cut from petal paste a couple of months earlier, (allowing them to set completely). Windows are secured with edible glue then over piped in white dragees. Again pipe the vines and add flowers at each corner. The spire is made up of four triangular sections previously cut from petal paste and allowed to set completely. Make a slight groove in the top of the cake to seat the spire sections, then ask a friend to hold them in position while you pipe down the sides to secure them into place, once this icing has set over pipe with white dragees, then again once set pipe alongside with violet dragees. On each side secure a double silver bell, and a 25 at the front, on the top a cross is secured in place using a cocktail stick. (please be extremely careful when inserting the cocktail stick as the spire could crack. Lastly attach the 25 plaque and glass angel teddy bear into position. Sprinkle with violet & iridescent edible glitter around the board. 



Bird Bath with Love Birds on the bottom 2 Tiers

Angel Teddy

Church top with Spire