Castle Leon


This wedding cake is a castle on top of the rocks, surrounded by a moat. The castle is made from Styrofoam, the whole castle is sprayed with edible pearl spray, to give it a delicate shimmer. All spires ,windows and doors are painted with edible dust mixed with either gin or vodka. The turrets are decorated with little gold square gems, put on end, creating a diamond. Above the door, is placed a gold double bell. A dove is sat on two spires. A flag is made from foam, stuck onto a childs lollipop stick to create the pole, then monogrammed in gold relief, and a small ball of sugar paste placed at the very top and tinted to match the spires. Attach the flag pole using a cocktail stick stuck into the largest spire.

The actual cake is made from a 12" & 10" round fruit cake placed on a 14" board then set on top of one another but offset to the back, so the backs are flush vertically. Marzipan and sugarpaste both complete. Mix chocolate, beige and ivory sugarpaste to create a marbled effect (make sure you make enough to put aside for the top tier). Then shape into long oblongs and slice to create stones, using edible glue attach each stone to the back of the two cakes making sure the next layer up spans across the joint of the lower  stones, (just like a brick wall). Once your able to make the 8" sponge do so, marzipan and ice, then place again to the rear of the two bottom ones. Continue the stones up the back of this cake, making sure the stones come up the sides at an angle as shown in the picture.

Next make each set of stairs, for the front of the cake, keep them rustic as it creates a better finish at the end. Glue them all into position and blend the last stair into the front of the castle. Next brush with edible glue and sprinkle with hologram dust. Leave to dry. Next make individual balls of sugarpaste of varying sizes for the sides of the steps and place as shown. Make a wall using tiny balls of sugarpaste around the top cake to create the moat. Make sure there are no gaps in the wall. Then mix the desired colour of petal dust with vodka and paint.

Having made various colours of delicate flowers previously all centred with a gold ball, mix royal icing to desired colour, then pipe vines up the cake, placing a mixture of flowers where you prefer. Make sure you do the same on the castle walls. Next mix the edible piping gel with a blue tint to create the water and pipe into the walled area. Keep a check to see if any leaks, if so just pipe a small amount of royal icing. Leave to set.

Finally place ribbon around the board and cover board with brown sprinkles.