Butterfly Kisses



To Achieve this simple cake you need a 12" heart cake, as deep as you wish. This is an engagement cake made for my own daughter. Cover the board in yellow sugarpaste. Then cover the cake in white sugarpaste, with yellow accents. It has a few focal points, first one being the plaque at the back, this is made easily by cutting out your desired shape for the base, in this instance it's a floral shape. On top of that is pleated sugarpaste to achieve the look of fabric. Then a simple champagne bubble bottle with 2 gold champagne glasses, one tilted on a side and stuck in place. It's nice to dip the rims of the glasses in egg white and then in sugar, to achieve the sparkle. Also I have added a few roses and the gold engagement plaque. Also I have sprinkled on some yellow sparkle dust on the top. 

Next comes the butterflies carrying the fabric, on which is piped the wording of your choice, i.e. congratulations on your engagement and the names. Purely your choice. I have left the back of the fabric tilted up, by placing a wedge under the sugarpaste fabric. Which allows you to position the butterflies accordingly. I have piped dragoons around the edge of the sugarpaste fabric in yellow. There is also a couple of little yellow flowers on there too.

Next comes the monograms, these are simple. Cut out the desired shape in yellow sugarpaste, in this case hearts. Then pipe the said initials, place them slightly overlapped and decorate with a few small flowers. On the sides is placed a string of lovely pearl chain, and then place your butterflies and flowers, where you prefer. The front is topped off with a yellow ribbon. Then over the full cake and board sprinkle white crystal sparkle dust.